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Pat, meet Cactus Moser

Dancing with the Stars champion Tony Dovolani has been honing his golf skills with Pat Dempsey for the past few years. Tony now drives the ball consistantly ove 300 yards and he brought his friend, musician (drummer) Cactus Moser in to meet Pat.

Cactus loves golf and thought that he would never be able to play again. You see he had a motorcycle accident which ultimately resulted in the amputation of one of his legs.

Tony said "Nonesense, you need to meet Pat Dempsey. He the only man I know that can get you back into the game. Heck, he'll get you driving the ball like a longdriver!"

As a result, approx. 4 months after Cactus' accident, Tony brought Cactus in to meet and have his first lesson with Patrick Dempsey. The following video is a result of that first meeting. We think you will find it very ispirational.

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