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(aka Bragging Rights)

Cory H.  Santa Barbara, CA

During the drills, and a lot on the actual course playing under the supervision of Pat Dempsey, Now I'm getting a full turn and better timing and I started hitting the ball a lot better and with more consistency, Another thing that really helped was joining a gym and getting in better shape – it all goes hand in hand, like Pat says. Thanks for improving not only my game but also my life.

Jerry P.  Glendale, CA

Despite being 61 years old, I find that I am more motivated as a golfer, and perhaps more importantly, golf is now much more fun. Who would have thought that at my age I would gain more driving distance and swing speed Thanks for the help Pat, and I am looking forward to more lessons. 

Moral of this story is you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I highly recommend Pat

Michelle H. Monterey Park, CA

The knowledge that you gave me now allows me to practice with a purpose. When I hit a good shot I know why it's good and more importantly when I hit a bad one I now know why! This gives me a real chance to improve my game. I already see an improvement in my driving. We would (and will) recommend you to anyone interested in improving his or her game. Your approach to teaching and the game of golf is refreshing and make learning fun. Thanks again for such great instruction!

Tony D.  Stamford, CT

I went from  averaging 255 yard  drives to 320. It's crazy but true. I can't say enough about Pat and his teaching technics.  He is a true champion in every sense of the word.  He not only teaches you how to hit the ball farther, but he understands the game of golf. As far as I'm concerned, Pat is the only golf instructor you need.

Jason H  Scottsdale, AZ

The lessons were very helpful and I feel better knowing that I got my money's worth. I have mentioned your help to my friends and suggested if they want some quality golf instruction, that they should fly in and spend a day with you. I can’t thank you enough. I plan on flying in to see you a couple times a year, so be prepared!

Scott W.  Nashville, TN

The results are insane. I have transitioned from random shot shape to a consistent draw, I have added at least 30 yards to my drives, and my irons are totally consistent like throwing darts. The impetus for me to write this was my last round. I shot a 77, and frankly felt that I could have done even better. All I can say is thank you and WOW!"

Ty L.  Tujunga, , CA

Pat changed my game forever. Average drives now are 330-340. I use to hit it only 250. I’ve been working with Pat Dempsey for just over a year. He goes through the whole gamete - indoor video, driving range, on the course, the gym (I hate that part) but it really makes a difference. He even has a physical therapist Wesley that works with me.


Unbelievable ability of understanding the golf swing and seeing what it is I’m doing wrong and helping me to correct it. I’m up to about 120ss in 2 weeks; I hit 125ss the other day. I started at around 114 but its only been 4 workouts and its effortless (sort of)... I drove a semi downhill dogleg left 365 yard hole the other day all carry, the ball mark was in the middle of the green."I highly recommend Pat if you want to enjoy playing golf and outdrive your buddies.

Andy C.  Sunland, CA

He does a great job of making sure the fundamentals are addressed in a way that is easy to understand. I have increased my distance by 20 to 30 yards since beginning my lessons from Pat. It really makes me mad that I’ve wasted a ton of money on lessons all these years, when I could have been going to see Pat instead. No bulls**. He knows the golf swing and more importantly, how the body works to produce longer drives. Incredible teacher.

Frank S. Palmdale, CA

Pat is the only one I have had a lesson with who I would compare as a world-class teaching professional. I gained more distance and power and swing speed.

My scores in tournaments have dropped from the mid 90s to the mid 70s, while my club head speed has gone from 90 mph to 115. I'm regularly driving the ball over 300 yards straight now. This is all over a period of around 9 months.

He's not cheap, but then again, Pat doesn't give me a weekly lesson. He gives me stuff to work on and I see him when I'm ready, so in the long run I saved $$$.  Don't waste your time or money with other instructors, Pat Dempsey is your man (that's the best advice I could give anyone)


Marcus A.  Los Angeles, CA

Originally I went to see Pat to have a custom club built, but after he watched me swing, he said, you don’t need a new driver, you just need to adjust your swing. He worked with me in his shop and within a few minutes, I was hitting better shots. He showed me a few drills to work on and said, call me in a week or two and let me know how you’re doing….He didn’t try to up sell me into a new driver, unheard of!!! Needless to say, I really didn’t need a new driver, Pat was right. But I went back anyway to get a TM Tour driver, and had another lesson with Pat. I highly recommend Pat Dempsey, Horsepower Golf. Thank you

Suzy R. Denver, CO

Before starting my lessons with Pat Dempsey, the best thing about my golf game was my outfit! Now I can add driving to my "bests." Pat’s enthusiasm is contagious. He tailors each lesson to your individual strengths and weakness with simple tools to help you "feel" the proper swing.  I make a trip to sunny CA just take a lesson with Pat - he is so worth it. So thank you Pat, not only do I look like an LPGA golfer, now I play like one too!

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